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You know us for stocking North America’s largest single-site inventory of stainless steel and nickel alloy plate and plate products. Now you can count on Sandmeyer Steel Company as a one-stop-shop source for commercially pure Titanium Grade 2/2H (UNS R50400) plate, value added plate products, and welded pipe, tubing, and structural shapes.

Sandmeyer Titanium Grade 2/2H (UNS R50400) plate and plate products are a real “workhorse” for industrial applications. It combines a low density and high strength-to-weight ratio with outstanding corrosion resistance over a wide range of service applications and industries.

Sandmeyer Titanium Grade 2/2H (UNS R50400) plate and plate products find extensive use in the fabrication of process equipment in chemical processing, desalination, hydrocarbon processing and petrochemicals, marine service, oil and gas processing, ore and mineral refining, and power generation. It is also used in aerospace, architectural, and medical applications.

Sandmeyer Titanium Grade 2/2H (UNS R50400) plate and plate products are available to ASME and ASTM specifications from .1875” (4.8mm) through 3.5” (88.9mm).

With cutting-edge process equipment and the ability to service the globe with quick deliveries of unique items, we are a global Company that stays true to its roots of providing our customers with an “extraordinary customer experience,” including premium customer service, on-time deliveries, the industry’s best test reports, and quality control systems.

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Sandmeyer Steel Company was founded in 1952 by the late Paul C. Sandmeyer. Family owned and managed, the Company is recognized as a leading global producer of stainless steel, nickel alloy, and titanium plate products used in capital equipment for the chemical and other process industries.